Create the Outdoor Space of Your Dreams with these Deck Decorating Ideas

Think of your outdoor area like another room in your home. Before implementing your deck decorating ideas, make a plan. It is important to include your family in the discussion. This way everyone feels comfortable in the final space.

Discuss and decide on a budget while creating the plan. This helps you stay focused while shopping for the space. Staying on budget for the project means you can enjoy the space without stress.

After you set a budget take a look at the current space. Take measurements and double-check them. Then you can consider the five important elements of decorating.


The first element in decorating your deck is your pergola. By working from the top down, you can set the space for the other elements. Choose a wood that works well in your climate. Decide how large of a space you want covered. At this stage you can have electrical run for future lighting.


No one wants to sit in grass and risk staining their clothes during a party. Make sure there are plenty of seating options available for your family and guests. When choosing deck furniture keep your children in mind as well.

Beyond seating, another important piece is your table. How many people do you want sitting around one table? Do you plan on creating other areas to eat as well? Measure the area where the table will go. Keep in mind you need clearance for the chairs. Write the measurements down and keep them handy as you shop.

Choose an umbrella for the table that has a wide coverage area. Make sure it is easy to open. When placing the umbrella make sure it doesn’t hit or hide any hanging bird feeders.


Consider the area around your deck when looking for lighting. Is it covered where you can use pot lights? Do you want an island feel with tiki torches? Imagine the lighting at night. You want to keep it soft, so it doesn’t interfere with the mood.

Potted Plants

Add a pop of color to the area with some potted plants. Before buying some natural color research the plants in your area. If you have questions, talk to someone at a greenhouse. They will know what works best for your area. Choose a variety of plants that add intrigue throughout the year.


The deck of your dreams is coming together! You know where everyone is sitting, but what about eating? If you are creating your dream space consider upgrading your grill. Before shopping consider the space where you want to put the grill. Measure enough for the grill, yourself, and a small prep area. You can save space and prep the food inside if needed.

Once you know the space consider the fuel. You can choose between charcoal and gas. 

Write down the answers to these questions. Keep them with you as you shop. They will focus your search until you find a dream grill.

If you are ready to see your dream deck come to life, contact us today. We look forward to making your dreams into reality.

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