Choosing the Perfect Swimming Pool Layout for Your Patio

Congratulations on the decision to add a pool to your backyard! It’s a wonderful feature that increases the value of your home and provides hours of fun and relaxation for your family and friends

And there’s fun to be had before you even install the pool: decisions! How do you choose the perfect swimming pool layout for your patio? Start here with these considerations from Freshome:


What kind of environment do you want to create, and how do you see yourself using the pool most often?

  • Rectangle: This classic shape creates a more formal vibe for your setting. It’s also the best option if you like to swim laps.
  • Oval: Those rounded corners make it less formal than the rectangle, but it’s still good for laps and water sports.
  • True L: An L-shaped pool is a great way to take advantage of space you might have around the corner of the house, and it provides variety in terms of pool depth and purpose. You can swim laps up and down the long leg and keep the short leg shallow for lounging and play.
  • Lazy L: The short leg of the lazy L pool is at a diagonal. It serves the same purposes as the true L, but provides another design option if the shape better suits your space.
  • Kidney: This works in almost any backyard. It’s casual and inviting, and the indentation of the bean shape provides a central space for a hot tub or a landscaping feature.
  • Figure 8: This shape makes it easy to create a shallow end and a deep end, since there is a visual cue (the indentations of the 8) where the depth changes.
  • Roman and Grecian: Lend an elegant flair to your pool area with cut or rounded corners and ends.
  • Free Form: A design that’s totally your own! Choosing free form gives you the flexibility to design your pool around features that already exist in your yard.


What’s your budget? Where do you live? These are just a couple of the considerations when deciding what type of pool to install.

  • Vinyl: This is the least expensive choice, but the liner will likely require replacement in about a decade. It works well in colder climates.
  • Fiberglass: This doesn’t work for just any size or shape, but if you have the right dimensions it’s quick to install and creates a better visual finish than vinyl.
  • Concrete: Strong and versatile, concrete is the highest-quality choice for an in-ground pool.

Once your pool is installed, you’ll want to complete your patio oasis with landscaping and other pool features and accessories to create a polished look. Consider a deck, an outdoor kitchen, a fountain, a fire pit, paths, greenery and more for your own one-of-a-kind outdoor living space. Contact us to learn more about bringing comfort and luxury to your backyard.

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