It’s a special family reunion, a get-together with old friends, a birthday party, a holiday, a celebration, or it’s a regular family meal. Whichever one it is, having a warming drawer in your kitchen will prove itself time and time again.

What Is a Warming Drawer?

The most basic of all warming drawers is the one underneath most ovens. The one most people just use for storage. It will work, but it is very basic, and may not be up to the task of a well-designed warming drawer that will save your party and make your meal perfect.

A well-designed warming drawer is one that will not only keep food warm for up to four hours, but it will also keep moist food moist, crisp food crisp, and hot food hot. It will also keep food tasting as though you have just prepared it.

Why You Should Have a Warming Drawer

Family meals, celebrations and friendly get-togethers take a lot of preparation. You may have two or three courses that include warm or hot food. A lot of those food items will take different times to cook, and will need to be cooked at a different temperature. So your warming drawer can take the food that needs a lower temperature or takes less time, and will keep it just as you want it until the other food is ready to be served. Warming drawers offer a lot of convenience.

The other major element of an important meal is sharing the time you have with your guests. Without a warming drawer, the chef will be in the kitchen while everyone else is enjoying socializing. Even with an open plan home, even if the family chef can hear the conversation, and join in occasionally, they will still be focused on food prep, and not on the company. So, prepare early, put the food into the warming drawer, and everyone can enjoy it up to four hours afterwards.

What if people arrive late, so those who are there cannot sit down to the meal? Well, without a warming drawer the food suffers. OK, you can still eat it, but no one really enjoys it as much, and those who came late feel embarrassed. The warming drawer saves the day!

How Do You Keep it Clean?

Sanitizing kitchen equipment is essential. Because the warming drawer has a specific role to play – keeping food at its correct temperature and consistency, food never splatters around or burns, the way it does in a convection oven.

To keep it clean all you have to do is to wipe the inside with a soft cloth and warm sudsy water. That’s it. No need to spray with chlorine, or scrub with an abrasive pad – just warm soapy water.

Where Can You Install a Warming Drawer?

Anywhere that is convenient. Many warming drawers go under the convection oven, to the side, or even at the end of the kitchen island. There is a place in your kitchen that you don’t use very much. Put it there.

A well-designed warming drawer makes life easy, lets you enjoy your time together, enables you to serve perfectly-prepared food regardless of the recipe time and temperature, and so it makes your party perfect. If you would like to learn more about the different kinds of drawer, and which is right fr you, please just click this link to contact us.

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