It looks good. The price is right. But how do you tell if the grill that’s caught your eye is the best grill for you? Ask yourself these questions:

Gas or Charcoal?

According to Chowhound, both have their merits. A gas grill will get you started faster, just 10 minutes to heat until cooking temperature, whereas you’ll wait up to 20 minutes with charcoal grills. Though charcoal grills can be half the price of similar quality gas grills, gas grills have a lower cost of ownership. Using a one standard, $30 per fill propane cylinder will let you grill around 20 meals, about $1.50 in gas per meal. The cost of briquettes and lighter fluid used in one meal could be over $4. There’s also preference of taste to consider when choosing your grill. If you prefer a truly smoky flavor, only a charcoal grill can achieve that.

Which size fits?

To determine the right size of grill, think of what you’ll be using the grill for. Will you be grilling for the family or for the neighborhood? At they recommend a grill with a cooking surface no smaller than 360 square inches for a casual griller making hot dogs and hamburger for the family. To cook for a larger group, or for larger meats, choose a grill with no less than 400 square inches.

Will this be for more than grilling?

Different grills offer different features. Some gas grills offer burners. Many charcoal grills can double as a smoker. Before you make your purchase, think about features you’ll use on your grill. Don’t pay extra for burners you’ll never use.  

Will the design of the grill affect cooking?

The spacing, placement, and even the materials can all effect cooking time warns, The distance between the heat source and the cooking surface can cause variance in cooking times. Meats placed closer to heat source will cook faster than farther away meats. Metal grills will also hold heat differently than ceramic grills, impacting both cooking times and flavor. When cooking on a new grill, use a meat thermometer to ensure that your meats are reaching the appropriate temperature.

Whichever grill you choose, a new grill is always an asset to your outdoor living and cooking space. For more information about choosing the right grill contact us.

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