Applying artificial ivy is a fantastic way to quickly change the look of any space.

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Artificial Ivy

Create a pleasing and calming atmosphere with a durable, inexpensive and zero maintenance ivy green wall. Ivy green walls can cover fences, garages, columns and almost anything with a flat surface. Each of our green wall panels contains an ultrarealistic artificial plants with differing heights and textures. For more information regarding Artificial Ivy walls please contact us or visit our showroom.

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Artificial Ivy Options

Excellent decorative materials for interior and exterior vertical walls.

Zensa Artificial Mediterranean Fern Panel
Zensa Artificial Aloe Panel
Zensa Artificial Lavander Leaf Boxwood Panel
Zensa Artificial Deluxe White Flowers Panel 
Zensa Artificial Classy Green Wall Panel
Zensa Artificial Frosty Fern
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One of the most significant benefits of installing artificial ivy is that it can be used anywhere. Many interior designers use faux ivy in home decoration to create incredibly eye-catching ivy green walls. Artificial wall panels can be easily installed.

Since it doesn’t need watering or sunlight to grow, the maintenance cost of artificial ivy is incredibly low. Additionally, you can place it wherever you choose without worrying about anything other than a quick dust every now and then!. For information regarding artificial Ivy please contact us or visit our showroom.

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