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5 Ways of Remodeling Your Patio with a Tight Budget

It’s not how much you have, but how well you work with what’s in front of you. We often hear this saying as we plan to upgrade and renovate with little in our wallets. Truly, while remodeling a patio on a tight budget seems challenging, it’s certainly a feasible goal for the enthusiastic homeowner. With […]

Miami Beach, FL

Another great project completed recently in Miami Beach! This project featured a custom 15ft by 15ft pergola with an Arcadia Louvered roof system with IPE column finish. The project also featured a custom Lynx Straight 10 ft with Ipe wall finishes and cascading granite counter top. For more information regarding this or any of our […]

Easy Ways to Create Shade for Your Patio

Creating shade for your patio is an excellent idea when you want to reduce excessive heat and heat radiation from the sun. By doing so, you’ll also protect and extend your outdoor furniture’s lifespan from sun damage. And the great thing is, you can easily add and blend shade into your home design and decor […]

Safety Tips For Your Pool Maintenance – 3 Key Points

An essential part of keeping a swimming pool for years of family fun involves proactive maintenance. Regularly tending to your pool’s upkeep ensures its longevity, while protecting yourself, family, and others who may use your pool during a backyard event. Always, keep safety as a top priority as you clean your pool and see that […]

Another Great Summer Project


We are excited to share another great summer project as part of our summer project series! This project featured a  pool and paver remodel, custom pergola, deck, artificial grass, ivy wall, outdoor furniture and outdoor kitchen with Twin Eagles outdoor kitchen appliances, For more information regarding this or any of our other projects or to […]

10 Ways to Create a Perfect Patio Getaway

Whatever is the occasion or season, having the perfect patio provides you your sanctuary at home. From the setting to the backdrop to the furniture, it all matters when it comes to creating the perfect ambiance in your outdoor space. Make your backyard the ultimate outdoor living space for entertainment and relaxation. Here are ten […]

How A Retractable Roof Can Save Your Outdoor Party

Pouring rain and scorching heat damage your patio, discomfort your guests, and ultimately, ruin your outdoor party. A retractable serves to deflect curveballs thrown by the weather, and presents itself as a worthwhile investment that yields more pleasure than pain. A retractable, in its versatility and protective abilities, promotes longevity and a quality outdoor experience. […]

Recent Project – Weston

  This project featured a wood pergola attached to the home, paver renovation, artificial grass, green ivy wall, pool renovation, 2 custom decks and a spa. This Also project featured an L shape outdoor kitchen (10.5 FT standard counter by 10 Ft extended one level bar) The finishes in this outdoor kitchen included an upgraded […]