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Architecture, lines, and volumes are the principles that guide Poolins Up.

They are portable and can therefore be moved to a different location, they are more affordable than swimming pools that require permanent excavation, they adapt to the space available on any property, they increase the value of the property and uphold the essential values of sustainability and ecology.


5′-10,87″ × 9′- 6,17″ × 2′-2,77″ 

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7′-2,61″ × 12′- 11,51″ × 2′-2,77″ 

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7′-2,61″ × 14′- 9,17″ × 3′-11,24″ 

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Why Poolins?

By having full control of the manufacturing process, we can guarantee excellence in every detail of our pools, ensuring impeccable design and exceptional quality.


Energy efficiency and waste reduction. We use technologies and manufacturing methods that allow a more conscious use of natural resources.


3 most common single-color uniform colors and two PREMIUM standard colors with a differentiated finish.


All excess material in the manufacturing and assembly process can be reused.

Design, Quality, Simplicity.

Their straight lines and avant-garde design together with the complementary external modules, make them an exquisite piece of garden furniture.

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